Call for Art: Art Meets Tech Exhibit

Call for Art: Art Meets Tech Exhibit

This is Sun Gallery’s 1ST Annual Exhibit on ART MEETS TECH. We are expecting a lot of responses to this exhibit, so please apply early.

Dates of Exhibition:
August  11 –  October 7, 2023

The deadline for consideration of your work for our postcards and press release is 9 am Sun. July 16, and the final deadline for consideration of your work in the show is 9 am Friday, July 28. (if we have available spaces left)

Sun. July 30 from 12 – 2 pm and Mon. July 31 from 12 – 2 pm.

Artists Reception: Saturday August 12 from 1 – 4 pm, 2023.

Sun. Oct. 8 from 12 – 2 pm and Mon. Oct. 9 from 12 – 2 pm.

Art & Technology have long shared a connection. This exhibit can be whatever you want it to be, whether it’s a video you have created that fits the theme or a piece of art that conveys your thoughts and feelings about tech. And what about THAT big buzzword going around right now: AI??? (also known as artificial intelligence?) Where does THAT fit into the equation? Maybe you have created some AI art that you would like to display and discuss, we’re up to the challenge! Submit your greatest, most creative, silly, profound, thoughtful, inspiring, and/or experimental art for this show. It’s all about having fun and getting the crowd talking (and psst…btw…did you know we have a new Makers Space underway?)…. WE DO!!! So get ready, ART is literally meeting TECH here at the Sun Gallery, and we WANT YOU to be part of this creative revolution happening at 1015 E St. in Hayward California!

Inspiration tags for ideas:
This coming year is all about art and technology, and where it intersects!….everything to do with art and tech: art, smart art, computers, laptops, digital design, AI digital, 3D printing, 3D printed art, software, ink, pencil, sketching, graphic design, cell phones, social media, digital art, interactive art, multimedia, projection mapping, LED art, generative & algorithmic, virtual & augmented reality, robots, artificial intelligence, fashion tech, steampunk, mechanical, electrical, 3D printed, laser engraved, paintings, sculpture, mixed media, recycled art and ???

Artwork will be juried for entry digitally or by photo at no cost to the artist. As always, we look forward to the creative ways our members choose to address the theme of the show.

Artwork can be any media including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, glasswork, ceramics, drawing, and assemblage. Submitting multimedia pieces is very encouraged, including photography, digital collage, short films (5-10 min.), and soundscapes (you must provide and install/break down any installations using electronics)

Artists will be notified on an ongoing basis if their art has been selected for this show. If your work is chosen to be part of the show, you will be sent a contract and inventory list. We have a very special offer for the community: Join the Sun Gallery as a member and your first submitted piece will be FREE (up to a 24” x 36” piece – if your show installation is larger than that, please speak to us about the special discount rate for larger installations) (any size!) Any pieces after the first will be charged at a rate of $10 each (up to 4 pieces can be submitted) Membership is for rest of the 2023 Calendar year. If you are already a member, you may submit 1 piece at no charge (up to 24” x 36”) (any size!)

You will receive a set of postcard invitations. Postcards will be available to you to pick up at the drop-off (5 per artist.)

Submission of Works:
Please email your contact information along with the jpeg images of your submissions. Please name your files as follows: firstinitial.lastname.title.jpg.

We need 300dpi images for press releases and postcards, so if you have digital images that size, or larger, please send them.

Art created using Artificial Intelligence must include the name of the software or tool used (including version and website, if applicable), the text prompt used, and any additional info describing the process used to create the piece. We will have one wall dedicated to AI art, so your piece will be part of that wall installation.

Please let us know if your piece(s) require one or more power outlets, and the approximate power draw (in watts or volts & amps) if you know it.

Please send us your photos, either by email, subject line: Art Meets Tech, or by regular mail to 1015 E St., Hayward CA 94541. If you have any questions, please contact the Director / Curator at, attention: Dorsi Diaz or attn: Carl Gorringe

Please make checks payable to Sun Gallery. Artists must identify their work with a label attached to the FRONT of their art with: your name, the title of the art piece, medium, and price. This info will be used for the wall labels. All wall-mounted work must be wired and ready to hang, matted and framed, or edges gallery wrapped and finished.

We reserve the right to refuse work that arrives damaged, is too fragile to be exhibited, or was misrepresented in submission. You will need to bring or mail a completed inventory sheet with the same info as above, and a signed contract with your fees. A one-page artist statement or bio will be displayed in a show binder if you supply us with one. Sun Gallery does not provide art insurance on your work. The Gallery will take every precaution to ensure the safety of your pieces, however, we cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to your work while on the gallery premises. Each artist, if they wish to have it, needs to provide their own insurance. Sun Gallery will keep a 30% commission on any sale of artwork. No artwork will be removed from the exhibition during the show.

College and High School Entries: The Sun Gallery welcomes entries from both College and High School students. The entry fee will be waived but only one entry per student, please. College memberships are a special discounted rate at $10.

The participating artists will be providing finger foods or beverages for the event.

Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your submissions!

1015 E St.
Hayward CA
Gallery Hours 11-4 pm, Thursday – Sunday
(Summer Hours)

School field trips for the ART MEETS TECH exhibit inside the gallery can also be scheduled Monday-Friday. Field trips have become extremely popular for teachers and students because of the “STEAM” element the field trips provide (science, technology. engineering, art, and math perspective, and art) School trips include a gallery tour and art project in the spacious Sun Gallery studio. The Sun also offers special in-classroom art lessons and can come into the classroom with books, art, materials & project. To book your tour, email the gallery at or call 510-581-4050.