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         Grupo Folklorico Tlapalli

                         20th Year Anniversary Gala Performance

                                   November 5th 6:00 pm

                         Livermore High School 600 Maple Street, 

                                          Livermore CA


Grupo Folklorico Tlapalli was founded in 1996 at Cesar Chavez 

Jr. High School..

Our studio is currently located at two venues one in Hayward

at the Sun Gallery and one in Livermore at Junction School.


Our mission is to spread Mexican culture and tradition through dance. 

We impart Mexican traditions to new generations who may not have the 

opportunity to live them first hand.


The name of the group was derived from an ancient language spoken

 by the Mexicans before the Spanish conquest. The word Tlapalli has

many meanings depending on the context used, but the meaning we

 impart here is "a place of knowledge"


José Somoza is the Director and one of the founders of Grupo

Folklorico Tlapalli.José started dancing in 1988 at the age of 10

with the Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno. In 1996,

 José, along with Javier Silva and 

Leticia Somoza, began Grupo Folklórico Tlapalli as part of an after 

school tutoring program in Hayward. In 

2007 José along with his wife Angelica 

brought the group to Livermore and now the group is made of students 

from both Livermore and Hayward schools.


The group prides itself in preserving Mexican folk dancing at its most 

authentic level without resorting to more modern touches imparted by 

other groups in this genre.


On November 5, 2016 the group will have its 20th Anniversary Gala 

Presentation at Livermore High School 600 Maple Street, Livermore


The show will start at 6pm. Ticket 

prices are set at a modest $10.00

per person so that the whole family can 

come enjoy a nice evening of lively dances

from our neighbors to the south.