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Call for Art

30th Annual Children’s Book Illustrator Exhibit at the 

Sun Gallery in Hayward, California

Exhibition dates are: January 25 - March 16, 2019

The Sun Gallery, Hayward, is delighted to announce its 30th Annual Children’s Book

 Illustrator Exhibition to be held January 25 through March 16, 2019. The Gallery is a 

wonderful space, and the exhibition is very prestigious. The exhibit is always extremely

 well attended by both adults and students via school field trips. 

If you have illustrated and you would like to be considered for the exhibition,please drop 

off a copy of your book for consideration. The book doesn't need to be recently published, 

as there is always a new audience of kids, but you do need to have the art from the book 

available to show. If your book is not yet published, but will be by show time, please send

 us 3 jpeg images from pages of your upcoming book. We are sending this call to publicists 

as well, so if you represent illustrators close to the San Francisco Bay Area, please pass 

this on!

Featured books are available for purchase during the exhibition with 30% of book sales going

 towards our Children’s Programming for 2019.  You can also exhibit art that is not for sale. 

 If your art is for sale, and does sell, the gallery receives 30% of the sales price. There is 

no fee for illustrators or authors to be in the exhibit.

A reception for the illustrators and book signing "party" will be held on Sat. Feb. 2 from 1-4.

The Sun Gallery favors illustrated works that closely tie the images to the text. Sketching 
and story line art are highly welcome, as it shows the progression and making of your book.
 Original art is preferred, so please plan for some of your original artwork to be part of 
the exhibit (Glicee prints in moderation please)  We are sure you will know which works 
are the most appropriate. If you are unable to provide any of your original artwork, please 
contact the Curator, Dorsi Diaz, to discuss alternatives.

Please drop off the book(s) or mail to: (in the mail slot)

Sun Gallery 1015 E St Hayward, CA 94541

 Attention: Dorsi Diaz, Children’s Book Illustrators Exhibit

Once we’ve received the book, it is then reviewed. At that point, if your work is selected, we

 will then get in touch with you to schedule delivery of the original illustrations (prints are also 

acceptable & work ideally needs to be framed, also wire hangars on the back are a must) 

In order to be considered for the exhibition you have to be published (self published is okay

 too as long as the book has been on sale), and copies of the book have to be available for 

sale during the exhibition either directly through you or through your Publisher/distributor.

I do hope you'll consider being a part of this exciting exhibition, and we look forward to working 
with you. 

You may email us with any questions to

It is our goal to have all illustrators in place by the first week of January 2019, - so jump on 
this opportunity quickly! To be on the postcards work must be submitted and accepted no later
 than Dec. 26th at 9pm but works will still be accepted for the exhibit until Jan. 7th at 9pm.

field trip 2014 3



 image above: installation from 26th Annual Childrens Book Illustrator Exhibit

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