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Creating Community
Through Creativity

Additional events for ...

 "A Volatile Terrain" 
The Art of Climate Change
Children's Day and Reception
July 13,  2 – 4 pm (Sun)

Adult Skype Q & A
July 17, 7 - 8 pm (Thurs)

Children’s Skype Sessions 
w/ Prof. Paul Beckwith
July 24, 6 - 7 pm (Thurs)

'Sharks in My Backyard' workshop 
w/ Jennifer Koney
July 19, 2 - 4 pm (Sat)
Current Exhibit
 “A Volatile Terrain” 
The Art of Climate Change 
June 19th – July 24th
Community through Creativity

Through Creativity


Since 1976, Sun Gallery has stimulated continuing community interest in the arts and expanded the image of the City of Hayward as a cultural center. We provide visual art exhibitions and educational programs that reflect the diverse cultural populations of Hayward and its surrounding area.


Building Community


The gallery acts in partnership with local institutions of education and government, businesses and corporations, and community service organizations to develop quality visual arts programming that welcomes and engage audiences of all ages, in order to enhance the relationship between the visual arts and day to day life experiences.

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